Wanna date?

Dates grow on palm trees, which are plentiful here. This week I tasted my first date and after looking past their poo like color and softness, Iluvthem!

Apparently, if you have 2 dates a day you will stay healthy always! That's how people in this region have stayed healthy for so many centuries.

If you have not tried one because of what they look like, I highly recommend you suck it up and try it! They are so sweet and delicious! The first bite I was overwhelmed that something soo sweet grows on a tree. (And my favorite tree, by the way!) It just shows you that even God likes dessert! What an awesome creation!

A double date with Coffee.

The darker brown ones are the ripest and softest. When you put them in your mouth the sweetness oozes out. They're so soft you don't have to bite them. You just smush them in your mouth and pop out the pit.

I was hesitant to try the dried dates, they are over a year old. You peel the skin off and they taste like fruit snacks, but the real deal, au-natural!

Dates can be green (texture like a cucumber, the least sweet) red (does something weird to your tongue) yellow-brown (almost ripe, getting sweet) and brown (sweetest and most enjoyable)

Jury is out and the verdict is in ... dates are delicious!