I woke up this morning without the desert sun blazing through my blinds into my eyes. I thought it was odd, but assumed it was because I was up 15 minutes earlier than usual. ha! It was actually because a sandstorm was blowing through. By mid-afternoon the Earth was orange. It was like walking on Mars. People kept murmuring, welcome to hell.

However, even though the world was orange today, it was not to hot--though comparatively, I choose hot. When it's dusty, if you smile too long, your teeth are covered in dust! blah!

Today was another long day. I think I've aged about 3 years in the last two days. I will update you more on the details towards the end of the week.

Oh! A funny story. I tried to call my mom tonight and dialed her work number and the voice that answered said, "Boonsboro High School" I started laughing and couldn't hang up, I said, "Mrs. Moore?" and she said "yes...?" and I told her who it was and she laughed and said, "don't you know your mom doesn't work here anymore?" haha! My fingers just remembered dialing the number.

It was a good time to tell her that I work with another BHS graduate. Small world, eh? Two Ambassador's here that luv H-town Suns games and Krumpies do-nuts and a fellow BHS alum.