3 days in Jordan.

As I was flying out of Baghdad, my friend sitting next to me smiled and said, "Ah, did you leave it all behind, Beth?" No, I couldn't say I had. I planned to check out of the stresses of work, but I hadn't been able to let go, even deboarding in Jordan.

My friend Sam picked me up from the airport 5 minutes after I landed & took me to his house to meet his wife, sister-in-law and beautiful baby girl. After a delicious breakfast we were off to the dead sea.

The landscape was breathtaking. At one point I stuck my camera out the window to capture the horizon, as I pulled my arm back in to look at the shot, in the playback I saw sheep. And then a shepherd! I had been looking at the skyline & in front of my face was a bedwin herding his sheep.

Wow. Still there are shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night. I had no idea. They're called Bedouin's. It's true. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedouin

The dead sea was amazing! It is the lowest point on Earth, so your ears pop a million times on the descent to the water.

I tried to dive in, but you can't, the water is so salty you must float. It's a cool weightless feeling-just bobbing around like a cork. I watched the sun begin to set from the water & when I felt sufficiently exfoliated, retired to the pool deck with a huka & a cup of tea to watch the lights come on in Israel (which is across the water)

I am on vacation

And from this moment of relaxation, it only got better.

Next day in Jordan: Petra-one of the wonders of the world. It was incredible. It's a city in the rocks; where cave men dwelt. Jaw dropping. I must see all the wonders of the world!!

A picture can not do it justice, but I will post some soon for your enjoyment.

Jet set to NYC next. My first walk down 5th Ave was overwhelming. So many things, lights, people, familiar modern city smells, it took some moments alone to digest where I'd come from that morning! (8hr time difference) What made my eyes water most was just being free to walk the streets, say what I wanted and look at whatever, however I wanted. Freedom is priceless. If only 5th Avenue wa$ too...

After the most wonderful Thanksgiving yet with my family, a Bucs game, 2 photo ops with POTUS, SNOW, a Sunday morning well spent at CLC, family, friends, a lot of laughs! a missed flight allowing for 4 extra days vacation, shopping, all my favorite meals, more snow! and countless memories with a handsome beau in DC, I drug my heels and headed back to the desert.