The times they are a changing

I'm sure 2009 is going to be totally new. First, testimony to the fact that I cannot think past the hand in front of my face. Second, I just saw the reruns from yesterdays show from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The Boss leading, "This Land is your Land" Beyonce belting out "America the Beautiful" . Every channel in Baghdad is showing clips of Obama's rousing speech of pure Nationalism. I pray that bipartisanship, and never before seen leadership are emerging in my generation, and that the gaps prepare the way for me to shine as a leader in the future.

I will miss 43. I truly treasured every moment serving him. But I will always support the President: Man, woman, democrat, republican, old, young, the President is the Commander in Chief of Country and I will always throw my support 100% behind the face in power.

WOW! I miss DC now and can barely believe I am missing this historic weekend ...