For the past month I've...

OKAY, for a while life was proceeding as usual and there wasn't much to fill you in on, which was a bit depressing. But two weeks ago this changed.
I have a new job!!!!!!!!!
I transferred to the Rule of Law office to work for the Justice Attaché. The Rule of Law Coordinator offered me a position I could not pass up, so within a few days my contract was switched and I’m in a new office building working with WONDERFUL people and learning so much everyday! Baghdad is new again, and my happiness level skyrocketed. This of course means my address has changed again
Unit 2031 Box 31
APO AE 09870-2031
My morale was low as of late. Lots of dust storms, lots of work, lots of question marks waiting for confirmation of the new Ambassador, stress, dust, no sign of getting to come home da da da … so to energize life a bit we’ve been having themed parties. First was Shorties and Forties. You see the pictures below prove how classy we can be in Baghdad.

This started out as an Edward 40-hands party, where you ingeniously duct tape a 40 to your hand for fun.

We added shorts to the theme and the party got good.

Living and working in a maximum security compound brings out the collegian in all of us, coupled with the “world cup” we have going on here—the Peruvian guards have put together a soccer league—going to watch a futbol game feels just like intramural.

(Yes, all those spots are dust. It is really miserable. And on a side note, the funniest thing to me is that they've brought in more:I mean, if there is one thing we do NOT need)It's so funny! Everyday we need more because it just blows away.

Now, I have been keeping up my schmoozing with the diplomats. Best parties of late have been reeling with the British General. Reeling is Scottish dancing, that’s similar to square dancing, but with LOTS of spinning around. I've been 4 times, so I'm getting pretty good--hello summer wedding receptions!

The General’s political advisor has become a good friend and tonight is going to be his 5th farewell party. This is David sandwiched between the UK Ambassador, B, me and T.The most intimate party was at the British Ambassadors residence. We had a delicious lamb dinner and played games.(Playing la-di-da at Ambassador Prentice's house. You pass cans of soda in a rhythm to the tune of la-di-da, which gets chanted faster and faster. If you knock a can over you are eliminated.

I won : )

We kicked off spring by putting on a Prom. The theme was “A Serenade to Spring” held on March 21, the first day of spring in "Larry's secret garden" which is my new bosses apartment--he is on R&R. It was Sadie Hawkins style, in the end about 40 friends arrived in their Baghdad Best to a very decorated apartment turned into a "garden". Our Chariot

Yes, Prom was complete with a King and Queen.

Prom King & Queen: Damien and Jessica

There were 5 foreign diplomats in attendance—so I guess you can take the girl out of Protocol, but you can’t take the Protocol out of the girl.

My mom mailed me about 20 feet of grapevine that I constructed an arbor out of which made for our photo spot.

This is me and Ashley, in our best "prom photo" pose.

Mariana, Me and my roommate Thérèse

We brought in fresh flowers from the red zone. And strung up gossamer and colored lights around the room.
We borrowed the disco ball from the Embassy for slow dancing to the best of the 80s, like Bryan Adams, Everything I do I do it for you. We were dancing all night!
The commemorative t-shirts are on the way.