A startling wake up from the weekend

I was shaken awake this morning at the sound of a rocket exploding. Imagine being sounds asleep having your most amazing dream ever and someone shoots a firecracker off next to your ear. Your whole body lifts off the bed.
You would think I would've gotten up for the day, but after getting away from the window until the "all clear" sounded I crawled back into bed and easily drifted back to sleep. I was glad to know that I am still operating on "orange" or an elevated level of awareness, but I slept through calls from my siblings and nephew having the time of their life at Sonny's weekend bday party. (I was laughing out loud listening to the messages...but it was 4AM your time and didn't think you'd be awake for my return call sis)
You think being woken up by a rocket is scary?! You should see the new scarecrows! haha ha!

Yes...that is a little bit of grass you see there

You can see this little guy is not doing his job of keeping the birds away