Packer Way

This week marked my last day in the Consular Affairs section. I’ve moved into Classified space and am officially now, the Deputy Knowledge Management Coordinator. My two big portfolio pieces are SharePoint training (heard of it?) and getting the Embassy trained and utilizing a new contact management database.

I will conduct a lot of computer training classes, as well as develop and chair a policy committee for standard operating procedures, policies and guidelines for the contact database system moving forward. I led my first training today, and my second will be tomorrow. I didn’t notice any of my 3 pupils eyes glazing over, & wrapped training in exactly the hour slated, so far so good!

Also notable is that my supervisor, the Knowledge Management Coordinator, is awesome. A real go-getter; energetic, organized, smart and happy to have me in the office—which feels great.

A sweet, satin care package arrived in the mail with the September’s Vogue. Immediately my eye starting twitching and I wanted to come home to shop, buy and wear my winter wardrobe, but alas, I will settle for the PX. (I pass by every-other-day and buy a greeting card or pack of gum to satiate my shopping fixation) The one item I don’t need is gum: if I gave up eating I couldn’t finish all the packs on my shelf and scattered between purses. It’s the little things isn’t it?