Thursday: The start of the weekend

Thursday July 7

Happy Birthday Liz!
Happy Birthday Dot!

Tonight I left work after the sun set. I know what it feels like to work sun up to sun down, but in the summer—even this was a new length for me.

I went for a walk outside tonight. I took a friend to protect me. As we walked in this strange serenity I could not help asking “We’re safe, aren’t we?”
“We’re in the safest place we could be! Look around.” He replied.
I look and see the basketball and tennis courts surrounded by high cement walls topped by chicken wire, but it’s not what I can see that threatens me. I look at my friend and make the uncalled for motion of an incoming above us and sound “kaboooom” like an explosion as my eyes quickly note the nearest take cover. “Yeah,” my friend says and banishes my trepidation just as quickly, “I’m not going to be scared until I have a reason.” And we walk into the night—albeit 10 feet until we are in the next light of the street lamp.

It’s hot, it’s dusty, but it is just another place. A part of the world where I believe is affected positively by our presence and I am here for my course.

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