Who let the dog out?!

I got bit by a dog yesterday. Yes totally traumatic. After I went into shock my boss took me to the med unit where I was bandaged up and slightly sedated. My friend offered me movies and I took the afternoon off to recoup.

Recuperation: The Princess Bride, mac & cheese from the DFAC delivered right to my door by my bff in Baghdad, Days of Thunder and a great night sleep.

Rest was much needed after this past week. I will try to fill you in on the highlights.

Yes, I did meet Obama. He was charismatic and treated like a rockstar. There were a lot of people from IL that were glad to meet their Senator ...

I admired the entrance the Senators made when they arrived. No one complained about the heat or how tired I imagine they were. Their staff staggered in hot, sweaty and looking unkept, but the Senators were engaging until I told them I left WHO 3 weeks ago and I was immediately disengaged. ha! (I'm actually proud of that)

I am not privy to meeting details so I don't know how the talks were though he did conduct himself very presidential like. Obama was a friendly and seemed to be the same guy you see on TV.
His codel stayed overnight which impressed me more than the Reps that came last week and stayed for 8 hrs. *Now, I'm not claiming that I can see and comprehend this mission within the IZ in 6 months, but I am confident that a substantial opinion cannot be formed in 8hrs of meetings, even if you are in Baghdad* So his codel stayed overnight and the next morning my friend and I went to the DFAC for a 6AM bfast. I rolled out of bed and threw on a hat planning to hit the gym after I ate since I would be up earlier than I have been in the last 3 weeks.

It was timed perfectly. As we walked it was like he was waiting for us. My friend got a great picture and he remembered me by name (even dressed down covered by a hat) and asked how my workout was. I told him, the workout was after breakfast. He looked at me like I was joking and said, "Eat and then workout?" and I said, "Yeah, gotta carb up." To which he laughed, agreed and thanked me for my help on his trip.

Following bfast, I did haul myself to the gym and followed my workout with a dip in the palace pool...what a life, eh?

This week I also stumbled upon a toppled Sadam head. You can see me giving him a knuckle sandwhich.