I was ready to come home last night, big time. Chilling after work, I flipped on the tv. (We have a lot of channels here, and I rarely watch tv, so I find it very frustrating because I don’t know the channels) But, after an episode of Sunset Tan, I wondered what domestic drama I was really missing out on?

I went out to dinner with two girl friends at a new restaurant in the IZ; I had the special. Then met up with a small crew and watched Adam Sandler's Zohan movie (Hysterical movie which solves the crisis of conflict in the Middle East. If only it were so simple as “makin’ silky smooth…”) Suffered through heartburn from the special...though I'll probably go back to the restaurant because there's a new special every night.

I attended the monthly FWP (Federal Women’s Program) Meeting at lunch today. After our business meeting, the FWP coordinator moved about the lunch room asking, “Can I return anyone’s tray? Anyone? Anyone? I live to serve! [and with a smile] Really, I was a waitress in college”

A documentary of Women in the Military was shown, the motto, Ready*Willing*Essential. A female Colonel spoke and reflecting on the advancements women have made she said,

“Women want to serve & they will find a way to serve.”

I shoved back deep tears during this documentary, thinking of the myriad unsung heros and for the 1st time in almost a year I felt proud to serve.

Freedom is not free. It never has been.

This week OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) hit especially close to home and my heart has been hurting http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/26/AR2009052600827_pf.html

Sadaam's last standing monument (back & front)
Which is adjacent to the triple C-I (below) The Central Criminal Court of Iraq, where the big terrorism crimes are tried