We Nailed It!

The Deputy Chief of Mission, Ambassador Butenis, left post yesterday. At her farewell party, I aided my boss in presenting her with a commissioned portrait of her dogs.

We totally nailed it!!

She was holding back the tears of joy! It was so amazing!!

How did I get this idea? God!

My boss mentioned, we should get the DCM something for her farewell, and I had this brilliant idea to give her a portrait of her dogs in front of the crossed swords. I went to take a picture of Arturo, Stanley and Tilly, and Muslim, a very accomplished artist produced this work!

At the reception, during the Ambassador's farewell remarks there were 3 or 4 jokes about 'her dogs' so the stage was prime for presentation!

Best part was, when she was hysterically excited, my boss said, it was Beth's idea. (which was so nice, because I totally went out on a high note with her)