Labor Day

Best news of the past three weeks! A Zuddha cleanse arrived! T & I start Sunday, and I’m so looking forward to getting rid of the toxins that have accumulated over summer.

What toxins? Besides the DFAT, (T's clever nickname for the DFAC, short for the Dining FACility) which try as I might to stick to the salad bar and healthy choice line, I could not avoid the tortellini…3 meals in a row; the UK Embassy has been notoriously entertaining. We made it over for a Skool Disco party, where the attire was school uniforms.

I returned later that weekend for a jazz performance by the LIGHTNING JAZZ PROJECT, where Moet bottles were popping!

It was a great performance.

Then, as a former “Whisky Chick” I was invited to a whisky tasting here at our Embassy. Neil taught a group of about 18 the difference between the Islay, Highland and Speyside whiskeys through a series of tasting.

I had two favorites by the end.

I’ve been laying low the past week, enjoying two days totally off over Labor Day weekend. I made it to the “beach” which is code for the pool here.

Here are some pictures of my trip out, hotel in Amman;
morning after Iftaar feast, poolside; Starbucks at Queen Alia Airport (AMM); and me in my PPE gear (and shirt from Martina, thanks girl :o) traveling from BIAP-Baghdad International Airport-into the IZ.